Episode three, 'Progress to completion' gets its name from an email I received in my inbox early last week. It's is all about the impending deadline that is the nail in the coffin of our undergrad degrees. I sat down with four students, all who have either finished last semester or are anticipating their completion at the end of the current one, and discussed everything that comes with the anxiety of leaving uni; job hunting, post grad study, and why we should embrace our study as a way to define ourselves professionally, and personally. I think you may be able to spot a theme in the episodes of this podcast. These are all issues that I have on my mind, constantly, persistently. What Avocado on Toast aims to do is connect those who have the same anxieties, interests, and passions; because as students and young professionals, as Millenials, we do in fact face very similar, very real issues that have been disregarded because of our 'snowflake' status. So please, check out the very latest episode of the podcast (iTunes & Soundcloud) and let me know what else you would like to hear about because after all, Avocado on Toast is a media brunch that anybody can order.


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