Student loans and mouldy homes

Last week I released episode 5 of the Avocado on Toast podcast- along with the live show discussion I held with my panel of two on student loans, poor living conditions, and how we survive as students in inadequate housing. This episode, I like to think, is a discussion around the way in which we approach flatting situations as students. There are so many instances- like we discuss in the podcast- where the housing crisis cripples students into accepting the first flat offered to them; that applying for the most mould-ridden, rundown, shitbucket of a flat is the only option we may have in a market that is increasingly prejudiced towards student renters. As the premise for the podcast 'Babys first flat'  was thought of- it conjured all of these past experiences that I have had or have heard of myself. Just because we are students, just because our budgets are tighter, and our social lives are looser, does not mean that we should suffer. It is not only our responsibility but the landlords of these rental properties to ensure that renters- whether they are first-time flatties or jaded post-grads- are protected and have their rights and needs to be met.


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