This episode of the podcast was, needless to say, something that has been on my mind constantly for weeks. When you approach the topic of mental health and the mental health crisis we are experiencing in Aotearoa currently, the sheer volume of content that needs and deserves coverage seems almost impossible to approach.

As I sat down with my three interviewee's; Scout, Sam, and Marianne, I knew I had found to my best
ability a group of people who share intimate perspectives and progressive viewpoints. An attitude for improvement.

The title of the podcast, 'Over-stretched and under-funded' I feel encapsulates the essence of why our health system is failing us. Too often do we seek a face to blame. It's easy to point a finger at the person who took five hours to see you for five minutes, the person who tells you there are no beds, that you aren't sick enough.

These are all direct issues relating to the funding and pay of our DHB's mental health care units and their workers. We don't feel protected here in Aotearoa and we cannot understand why the future of our country is not seen in the people who are needing these services the most.

It is time to feel inspired and take note of those around us who are taking initiative for the sake of progress.

A progress that is long over-due.

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