As I upload episode two too SoundCloud and iTunes I thought I should check in here and let you know why this episode came about. The episode's title 'But you don't look disabled?' is not only inspired by the accounts of my interviewees, Harriet Lane-Tobin, India Craddock, and Keari Harvey- but it has been inspired by my own experiences as somebody with visual impairment. On the podcast, we discuss a multitude of issues in regards to social stigma and prejudice that surrounds you when you have a disability.  It's hard sometimes to write down these experiences, to share them online, to speak about them on a podcast, to feel comfortable and without judgment. Putting content like this online sometimes feels like you're yelling if not screaming into the void- that what you say may hold no impact whatsoever and that's a terrifying thing to come to terms with. However as Keari and I discussed on the live show this week, it's about awareness and starting a conversation not only about disabilities but the way in which we perceive the abilities of those who have disabilities. It is far too often considered a word drenched with negative connotations- as less than, and less capable than- this needs to be addressed and changed. The podcast, that can be found here on Soundcloud and here on Itunes, is like all of the topics I will be covering in this podcast as it is very close to me. Disability is seen as a title of shame and inability, and on the podcast this week I spoke with three incredible women who find the prejudice, stigma, and attitude they face daily in regards to their disabilities as something that needs to change here in Aotearoa. Enjoy!


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