Calling all commuters!

Image credit to @annahigginsdesigns
Having gotten my bearings in the studio today- it's time now to get you all involved! 

'Avocado on Toast' (@avocadoontoastpod) will have its first episode on students who live in the outer 'burbs of the Wellington region- this is where you may come in.

I'm looking for interviewee's who have to travel significantly on a daily basis for university. This can mean anything from Lyall bay, to the depths of Upper Hutt. Either way, I wanna hear from you! 

Drop me a private message, or check out my Instagram @avocadoontoastpod and Direct Message me there.

I'll be posting call out's in the following weeks as well so keep an eye out if you're keen to get involved or are just curious!

Thanks in advance to everybody who gets in touch.

- Hazel 


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