I'm back! After a week or so of no posts- I'm here to gleefully announce that episode one 'Living in the 'burbs' is now available on Sound cloud and iTunes so go ahead and give those links a click. There's nothing quite like creating something, being absolutely terrified, and clicking the upload button anyway. Don't get me wrong, knowing your limits and what and when to edit is a skill I will learn to hone over the course of my career but at the moment, as many people have reminded me, this is about learning. This episode is my first attempt at making content for broadcasting, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. Living in the burbs is all about students who have opted for suburban living- and all that comes with it. My guests this week are Finnley Meekma, Kayne Rongo, Terri Petersen, Lucy O'Connell and Bella Uivel. They talk about transport costs, advocating for fairer student bus rates, mental health benefits of living out of the city and how the Uber ride home is bloody mental. If you want to keep up to date with what I'm posting you can either subscribe on my iTunes channel or on my sound cloud. I would also like to take a quick moment to thank all of those who have been supporting the podcast and have at times had more faith in me than I have had in myself. You are the people who drive the creative process so that eventually they'll have something to listen too while they tidy their bedroom or cook dinner, I mean you can listen to a podcast anywhere those are just my favourites. Make sure to check out my Instagram @avocadoontoastpod and to give me constructive feedback on the episode as, yes I will say it gain, I'm still learning.


Hazel x


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