Eating porridge and editing audio

As I begin to edit together the first episode of 'Avocado on Toast' I thought it'd be best to check in here. Maybe to gloat about how smooth my jump-cuts are- but i'll save that for another time. I decided to aggressively click at the mouse underneath my clawed editing hand to open up the blog and thank those who have taken time to work along side me; whether it be my interviewee's or my co-workers at the station. Beginning as an intern you can assume how your experience will be and most likely 9 out of 10 times you're gonna be wrong, sorry team. I don't like to think of myself as an emotional person, most emotional people don't, but I can admit I have felt many emotions that go hand in hand with the creative process; doubt, frustration, joy, elation- and the trick is to not let these dictate how you move forward with your project, and to push through the periods of self doubt otherwise you'll just be tripping on shoe laces that weren't double knotted. Stick to your guns, trust your instincts, and tie those laces tight because if you stuff up- it's all part of the fun.


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